Who is Using Managed IT Services in Winnipeg and why?

Managed IT Services (MIS) are becoming the order of the day in business hubs such as Winnipeg. Every business enterprise is fighting hard to find the best IT services providers from various wings of the economy including manufacturing, transport, communication, energy, and many others.

In its recent publication, Research and Markets indicated that, “Rising IT infrastructure and growing number of compliances are driving the managed services market.” This contributes the largest percentage to the expected compound annual growth rate of 11% between the years 2017 and 2022. So, why the rush for Managed IT Services in Winnipeg and other great business hubs across the world?

In an interview with https://www.resolutets.com/winnipeg/, which is one of the leading Managed IT Services Providers in Winnipeg, the following factors came out as the key reasons for increased demand and use of  MIS:


Need for secured IT Infrastructure


Managed IT Services assure subscribers of a more robust IT infrastructure than the standard  in-house services. This is because most MIS providers channel a lot of resources in studying the latest threats in the industry and coming up with ways of preventing and mitigating them incase they occur. Additionally, they tend to strictly adhere to the set security procedures under a 24/7 surveillance of installed infrastructure.


Use of best technologies hence access to futureproof IT services


Most MIS providers focus on the latest technologies and equipment to enhance service delivery to their clients. This means that IT services are constantly upgraded to the latest trends; the possibility of a business being knocked out of the industry as a result of use of obsolete technologies is ,therefore, ruled out.


Centralization; hence increased performance


With MIS, a company can opt to centralize all its applications and servers in a single data centre. Access to such centralized data by staff regardless of location means they can work at any given time and within their comfort. This can in turn generate to increased performance since absentia from the office can still mean that work is in progress.


High stakes of disaster recovery and business continuity


Take a situation in which your main office is lost but staff can still access essential data and continue with uninterrupted service delivery; your business will still suffice under such circumstances.

On a different note, the IT infrastructure can be unfortunately hit by a sudden breakdown. With your MIS provider dedicated to a 24/7 response, their team will work round the clock to remedy the situation hence easy disaster recovery.


Predictable costs of operation


The cost of setting up and maintaining a IT infrastructure is a topic that can’t be let to pass under the bridge. With a MIS at a fixed monthly plan, you will be able to effectively budget and allocate funds towards your different IT needs. This practice guarantees access to highest quality of specialized hardware and software infrastructure at costs that can be predictable.

According to a research by Milestone technologies, “Information technology has become so intertwined with modern business that the two are practically interdependent. As a result, enterprises’ dependence on technology has increased exponentially, and CIOs and IT leaders across all sectors are taking on unprecedented amounts of responsibility when it comes to both managing IT and driving corporate initiatives.” These trends will, therefore, see the number of businesses in hotspots such as Winnipeg, seeking MIS services increase overtime.